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Working from Home in Lincoln Park

Two work areas make this small office functional

A floor to ceiling bookcase provides room for books, storage and display

A large closet is concealed with bronze sliding glass doors

Glossy taupe is mixed with gray-brown wood

Woven carpet in gray and cream tones

The office before was dark and outdated

The homeowners had made due with a dark, cluttered, outdated office for long enough, when they decided it was time to update and make the space functional for both of them.  At only 140 sq. ft,  with one window, and an 8′ ceiling, every inch needed to be utilized while keeping it open and airy.

Utilizing modular Italian furniture, a custom layout was designed to suit their exact needs. Each have a separate work area with their own file drawers and storage.  A floor to ceiling bookcase provides plenty of room for books.  The glossy taupe with brown-gray wood tones  keep it modern, yet warm and inviting.  Woven carpet in shades of gray and cream make the office homey and comfortable.  A beautiful shade of purple-gray, found in the carpet, covers the walls–it is a perfect, subtle accent color.

A  recessed lighting system was selected to keep the room from feeling closed in.    This LED system creates a clean line of glare-free general illumination within the ceiling drywall and can  be formed into endless configurations, giving ample opportunity for customization. We designed a simple rectangle to direct light exactly where it is needed, over the work areas.  It is punctuated by 3 square recessed lights to brighten up the center of the room.  This combination creates a striking design on the ceiling.

To make the most of the existing closet, it was expanded to the ceiling, and filled with shelving and drawers. Matte finish bronze sliding glass doors allow light to pass through while hiding the closet contents beautifully.
This office is now a light filled, updated and functional office for two to share and enjoy.


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