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Why Wool?

Wool is good for you!

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March 2016 Why Wool?


Wool Area Rug from Delos Custom Rugs

As an interior designer, my job is to specify materials that are beautiful, functional, sustainable and help create a healthy living space. Wool meets all of those criteria.


Herd of Sheep in New Zealand

Wool is the coat of a sheep. It is grown continuously, making it a rapidly and readily renewable material. Wool is used in interior textiles such as blankets, pillows, curtains, upholstery and carpet. It is also used as fiberfill for mattresses, pillows and home insulation.


Entwine Interiors Wool Knit Pillows

Because of its strong, flexible fibers, wool is durable. It is easy to maintain because spills bead up–instead of immediately absorbing–allowing time for blotting. Its natural oils resist dirt and grease. It is soft, warm and resists static build up. Wool is even flame retardant–it self-extinguishes without melting or giving off noxious fume. As a natural material wool contains no irritating substances which could cause allergic reactions or other health issues.


Using wool throughout your home, will create a healthier and more comfortable living environment. It reduces floating dust by trapping it until it is vacuumed. When used as filling in a mattress it provides a buffer by absorbing and releasing moisture, thus regulating temperatures to allow better sleep. As a home insulator, wool permanently purifies harmful VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) such as formaldehyde in the air. It is efficient, cost effective and absorbs sounds.

So, Why NOT wool?


Wool Fiberfill from Paragon Wool Products


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