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Toilet Trends 2016




Toilets have transformed from an everyday necessity tucked behind a wall or door into the talk of the design world. With new styles, colors, shapes and high-tech options, toilets are becoming a must-see, statement-making part of every stylish bathroom.

Here are the top toilet trends that go beyond dual flush, comfort height and the elongated seat, with which we are now familiar.


Wall-mounted tanks                                                                                                                                                

An elegant metal and glass base hides the tank and serves as a “headboard” for the bowl. It is easy to install and requires no construction. A wall or floor mounted toilet can be attached.    The Gerberit Monolith  is available in many colors and additional options.



Square shapes

With modern, sleek shapes, square edges and narrow profiles, toilets can make a sculptural statement in your bathroom.  Kohler’s Reve  is a one piece toilet with soft square edges and dual flush capability.





LED Lighting

Toilets equipped with nightlights mean no more tripping and banging into counters and doors while navigating through the bathroom after dark.  Kohler’s night light toilet seat features LED lighting and is sold separately so it can be attached to your existing toilet.





 Hands free operating

Eliminate the need to touch your toilet with a hands-free operating feature that works by waving your hand in front of the the sensor.  American Standard’s Clean Activating Touchless Toilet  has a concealed trapway, offering smooth sides for a hassle-free clean up and a smooth, permanent EverClean surface that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.




 Integrated Bidet Functions

Integrated functions save space by eliminating the need for a separate toilet and bidet.  Look for models that offer up three spray options, lights, heat and other upgrades such as Duravit’s P3 Comfort Model




 Wall mounts

Wall mounted toilets have a concealed tank hidden behind the wall for a sleek, seamless style.  Available in variouis colors and shapes, they are easy to clean and can be mounted at your preferred height.   Kohler’s Veil model incorporates dual flush technology making it an eco-friendly choice.  An elongated seat for added comfort, an integrated bidet and an LED nightlight make this a fully functioning, wholly luxurious toilet.


kohler veil


Pure Luxury

All these new options mean that purchasing a  toilet is no longer a simple task, but you can count on it being a fun one. For those of you who want a toilet that does it all or just want to see what it’s all about, look for Kohler’s Numi Intelligent model.   Simply walk in front of the toilet and watch the lid rise just for you.  If the user turns around to face it, the seat rises, too! The $6,338 list price includes: dual flush, self-cleaning, automatic lid and flush, adjustable heated seat and foot warmer, three mode washlet, ambient colored lighting, Bluetooth music sync capability, touch screen remote, air drying and deodorizing filter.  Now that’s something to flush about!


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