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Lincoln Park Kitchen Renovation Continues

Update on Lincoln Park Kitchen Renovation

The white cabinets are all in place and the lighting has been installed.  The bar area will be completed with textured glass doors and glass shelving.  The room is coming together!

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I am feeling good that everything is going so smoothly, when I see a photo come through from my contractor.  From afar it looks perfect, but upon closer examination, I see that the crown molding doesn’t quite hit the ceiling.  Panic begins, but then I remember that the ceiling was very uneven and that it would require a filler to close the gap.   I’ll be onsite tomorrow to discuss how this will be done and if any extra material will need to be ordered.  In almost every renovation, there is something that needs to be reordered–either there wasn’t enough or something came in the wrong color or quantity.

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By tomorrow, I should have the template drawings for the countertop.  After the onsite measure, a shop drawing is submitted for our approval.  It will indicate the measurements, the colors, thickness and where seams will be located if they are needed.  Once this drawing is approved, we are in the home stretch!

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