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Cabinets installed at Lincoln Park Kitchen

The cabinets are now being installed.   So far it seems that no damages occurred during transport and they are all fitting in as planned.   We want to get the cabinets installed as quickly as possible so that the measurements for the counter tops can take place.   Since it can take up to 2 weeks to fabricate them,  I am always hopeful that the cabinets go in without a hitch.

cabs installed 3       IMG_8075


By late afternoon, I stop by again and there as been a lot of progress.  The white painted cabinets are fresh and bright–a big difference from the previous oak cabinets.  I feel confident that the counters can be measured tomorrow.  While waiting for the counters, there is still a lot more to do including installing the lighting and painting the room.  If everything continues to go as planned, my clients will be enjoying their new kitchen in less than 3 weeks.

IMG_8074    IMG_8076


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